How to Plan the Perfect Trip?

How to Plan the Perfect Trip?  

Hint: book your airport to airport taxi in advance

Whether you are going abroad or you just want to visit a friend a few states up north, it’s still going away for a number of days and it requires some planning. In fact, the more planning the better. From booking an airport to airport taxi for your transfer to making a list for all your packing essentials, stay here for some top travel tips.

Packing: Start With a List

It’s hard to forget something when you are trying to think about everything you are going to need. But, it’s most definitely going to be the case if you don’t make a list. Split it into a few sections and start listing item by item the ones you consider taking. For example Toiletries/Cosmetics, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Tech Gear(laptop, camera, etc), and add as many categories as you want. Check the luggage size you are allowed and then see if you will be able to fit everything in your bags. You might have to start crossing some things off.

Transportation: Make a Plan

When you book your flights, one of the best things to do next is to think about the transportation arrangements between different terminals, from and to home, and any other destinations on your trip. Start at a local level and find a good taxi company that serves your region. Ask for prices and ask if they will be able to meet your traveling schedule. Especially if you have any early or very late flights.

Research: Learn all you can about the destination

This one may be a given but many a time people are too deep into the packing process to do any extensive research of the place they are going to visit. Especially for logistics like getting from place to place, the price of food and transportation options, the current temperatures, and so on. They might know which attraction they want to visit but they might not think of checking the working times of it or how to book a ticket and just leave it for the day of arrival. In case you have time, make sure you check all of the above in advance.

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