How to Organize a Surprise Airport Pick-Up?

How to Organize a Surprise Airport Pick-Up?  

Book an airport shuttle and make it to “Arrivals” on time

Is your long-distance friend coming to visit you in your hometown? Maybe you want to surprise your sweetheart and have all his or her friends go and pick him up from the airport? Sounds like a great plan. But one thing that you will need to think about is logistics. A smart way to go about it is to hire an airport shuttle for you and all your friends, especially if you are a large group. Learn why below!

Make a Plan

The organization of a large number of people can be tricky. You need to tell them all in advance so they can book the date and time. You may also want to gather the group somewhere first and wait there for the airport shuttle you have booked. It involves a lot of planning, constant communication and of course, patience. Once you get the proper number of people sorted out and they have all confirmed they are coming and will be making their way to the airport with the transportation you have organized, you can focus on other things.

The Surprise Element

If you don’t just want to show up without preparing anything special, you don’t need any further planning. But, if you have decided to invest in a little sign or maybe balloons and flowers, you will need to make sure you purchase those in advance. Set a budget or just go wild depending on how many people are going to contribute to the surprise. It doesn’t have to be something big, sometimes a box of chocolates does just fine.

If You Didn’t Plan Well

Perhaps you decided you want to meet or send off someone at the airport at the last second. It happens so don’t panic. Just check the local area for a cab company that does emergency pick-ups and drop-offs.

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